Team Building Activities

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We are expert in organizing Latin Percussion Jamming, a team building activity that uses infectious rhythms of Afro-Cuban beat to transform a diverse group into a unity. Collaboration and teamwork become evident as the group moves from disharmony to harmony. The engagement and interaction between individuals creates unique experiences which will transcends through times!

Benefits from Latin Percussion Jamming ~ Release stress & have FUN !!!

    • Create and improve a group dynamics, teamwork and cohesiveness. Engagement is the Key!
    • Rejuvenate and Invigorate individual
    • Simulate creativity and encourage people to think out of the box
    • The significance of communication and listening is highlighted throughout the whole process

Corporate Team Buildingphoto-6

  • Participants enter the conference room where rhythmic jamming is happening by the MusicToss team.
  • Each participant will be distributed with a Latin percussion instruments guided with a special rhythm when they enter into the room.
  • Leaded by a professional percussionist and facilitator, these individuals will be taken into an unforgettable musical journey where they are moulded from playing different rhythm and being orchestrated into a unify latin rhythmic piece. Teamwork is achieved with high dynamic and interaction.

Performance Based Team Building

  • A good ice breaker either at the beginning or ending of the event or gala.
  • It starts with a percussion performance by a professional percussionist and facilitator who then led into a team building activity.
  • Every guest will have a percussion instrument where the facilitator will lead the group and orchestrate all guests to play different rhythm pattern from disharmoney to a unifying harmony piece.