David Chala


David Chala, a versatile Cuban musician, percussion master, pianist, arranger, composer and performer. His talent had been discovered and being invited to join the world's renowned Cirque du Soleil as a starring percussionist at the "Alegria" show on a worldwide tour in 2011 & 2012. With his experience and passion in Afro-Cuban music, he created a debut Afro Cuban music show " An Afro-Cuban music journey with David Chala" in Hong Kong in 2013, leading his band Cafe Mezclado , featuring an Afro-Cuban Jazz quartet, showcasing Afro-Cuban drumming with rhythms such as the Rumba Guaguanco, Comparsa and Afro Cuban folklore: Yoruba, Bembe; all expressing daily life in Cuba and its culture. In 2014,  David Chala y Cafe Mexclado,  with Mitch Frohman, a Saxophonist for the famous soundtrack and TV program " Sex & the City", performed its debut Latin Jazz show in Hong Kong. Recently, he is a percussionist for various Cantopop Concerts and recordings, including Alex To, Justin Lo  and Gigi Ku , etc. in Hong Kong.

Born in Matanzas, Cuba, David has been exposed to Afro-Cuban music since childhood. He started his music career as a musical instructor for Afro-Cuban percussion for the "Casa de Cultura” in his hometown. His talent in Latin music was discovered by the agent "Artistas de Cuba - Benny More of Havana” and became musical director of "Grupo Ritmo Joven"; an arranger, composer and performer for "Alfonso Llorens y su Dinamica", an international touring cuban band based in Varadero Cuba.

In 2000, David formed "Sonido Cubano”, a Latin band that performed on various TV shows and Latin American festivals in Canada. His talent provides him with the opportunity to work with Latin bands across Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong during 2003-2005.

David's artistic curiosity and versatility led him to collaborate with Canto-pop music with a Latin twist which is highly praised by Hong Kong famous Cantonpop music producers and singers. Participating in the music arrangement and production for Joyce Lee album "Fantasy" in 2005, which became immensely popular, revitalizing the Canto-pop music scene in Hong Kong and further afield.

With his exceptional passion in Latin music, David has gotten beyond his career as a performer. Establishing his own Music School, MusicToss in 2008, he is the pioneer in bringing the education of Latin Musicality to Hong Kong, by emphasizing his distinctive insight on “music before dance” benefiting dancers and music lovers to understand and appreciate Latin music which enhance their experience on dancing and learning Afro- Cuban percussion. He even started to host the world first and ever Latin Music program at "Our Radio" in HK explaining the root of Cuban music and different latin music style, its history to its influence in the transformation of different music style and dance. His inspirations and achievements in musicality education were wildly reported by major press in Hong Kong. As an artist, a performer and an educator, David’s musical talents and his pleasant personally has given him great ovation from audiences, students, producers and event organizers who have seen and worked with him over the years.