Kiddo Toss

Music Course for Kids ( 6 - 13 yrs old)IMG_0798


“KiddoToss” is a Four -session course that gives young children a fun-filled opportunity to explore and develop their musical talents through Latin music, in both instrumental and musical creativity training.

Children will be exposed to Afro Cuban rhythm through playing Latin percussion instruments, ear training, vocal harmonies, improvisation, and musical games, etc, encourage them to achieve their musical independence, to explore their creative potential , and to develop a sense of achivement that build up their musical confidence, which foster coordination, balance and self confidence.


Kiddo MusicPlay ( 6 - 13 yrs old) DSCN4492

"Kiddo MusicPlay" for those children who are enthusiastic in Afro Cuban music, an opportunity to learn how different types of Afro Cuban rhythm are played and sounded. Provide them a platform to interact with peers through hands on techniques in instrumental improvisation and a wide spectrum of sound sources and let them to be express and engaged through teamwork. It is a Eight-lesson course where an Afro Cuban musical rountine is taught and there will be a graduation performance at the end of the course.


Kiddo Afro-Cuban Musicality 


To introduce different types of Afro-Cuban music, its history and culture: Salsa, Rumba, Yoruba, Timba, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata, Guajira, Bomba, plena, Cumbia, etc, with a mixture of tutorial, dancing and jamming session.